Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Really boring post about my car

you can fit a small yacht in here
January's Crisis of the Month is dealing with my car.  I have to renew my license plate sticker.  But
before I can do that, I have to pass the vehicle emissions test, which I have officially failed.  My car has an expensive catalytic converter and apparently very fragile because the check engine light has been on for over a year.  Apparently when it was replaced (because some asshat stole the original) the mechanic did a hack to save me some money.  It was a perfectly legitimate solution but the downside is that over time, the oxygen sensors break.  Or something like that, the mechanics have explained but I drown all that noise out just like others drown me out when I speak computer geek.

Anyway, I had to get a new catalytic converter and this time opted to do it the right way which means basically $1100 left my pocket.  Along with the $750 for the new mattress  and suddenly I have credit card balances.  I should be able to pay them off next month but the last time I had that much cc debt, our basement flooded.

So now we have to drive my car 30-60 miles before I take the test.  Something that would have been easy to do if I were still working in OBT but I've switched to a full time remote worker.  On top of being a Stay At Home Dad.  That means I can only really sneak away during nap time while my mom watches the kids or trade vehicles with Nightingale so she can get my miles.  However, it was freezing cold the last two days and her car has seat warmers, mine doesn't.  #firstworldproblems.

In other news, I need to run today and it's just warm enough that I can run outside.  The problem is I cannot leave the house stuck at home until the Salvation Army truck shows up to take our old mattress and the cable guy shows up to fix our internet connection. The longer I put off a run, the less likely I will get it in.  With my luck the two will show up at the same time.

UpdateComcast came at 10am (window was 8-12) and fixed the slow internet problem.  Salvation Army came at 2 (window was 2:30-5:30) but refused to take either the mattress or the filing cabinet.

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