Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Daycare dilemmas

The last week has been rough in some ways. Last Wednesday we got a call from daycare that Natasha threw up, so someone had to come get her.  The call came just 5 minutes after I had arrived at the office, stressed as usual that I get into the office so late because of the logistics of dropping the kids off at daycare and then getting to work.

Because it was still "rush hour" I was able to get back to daycare within less than an hour and was home in time to make all my scheduled meetings. 

On Thursday we got another call that Boris had some massive dyheria. We sent my mom to get him because neither of us could go.  On Friday Nightingale kept them both home and today they are home because a city crew had to shut the water down on  the block.  So we have effectively paid for 3 or 4 days of daycare that we could not use.

Oh and construction crews have been working on Cicero Avenue for the last few months and have forewarned of needing to turn the water main off one day.  That day came Monday -- Because why would it not happen on a day that we weren't there -- so I took the day off and kept them both home again.  

It was essentially a 4 day weekend with my kids and a a week off of daycare as far as they were concerned. 

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  1. Oh I am learning all about this too! And it's so hard to work from home when kids are sick...everything is disrupted. But yeah, there's nothing worse than paying for daycare when you're not there.


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