Thursday, May 11, 2017

Public Transit Woes

I've taken public transportation in Chicago more or less my whole life.  Whenever I see someone commit an infraction against their fellow rider, I have to wonder:  Are they really that clueless or do they just not care?  How can you ride the escalator and not notice that people stand to the right and walk on the left?

Okay it seems some people were raised by wolves, or didn't get the necessary socialization in kindergarten.  Maybe they weren't taught common sense or their brain chemicals fire off differently. 

Escalators:  you can walk up or down them.  if you MUST stand, please move to one side so others can get by. And if it isn't obvious, stand to the same side as the other lazy morons. 

Elevators:  let the people off before you get on.  Seriously, these are nothing more than boxes that travel up dozens of floors supported by a metal cable that, while strong, can have a bad day too.  The\ less weight the better. 

In fact, if you are taking the elevator to go 2 floors or less, chances are good you could use to lose some weight yourself.  please find the stairs.

Catching an Elevator:  Unless you are in one of those old buildings with a single elevator, if the door is four inches away from closing, let it go.  I gurantee it will come back or there will be another one.  Sticking your hand in the door only 1) makes me late, 2) sets off that annoying warning noise and 3) risks you getting the nickname lefty.  Why would you trust your fingers to a $3 sensor?

Once I was coming home from G-school relatively late at night and I missed the connecting Montrose Bus because some lardass got in front of me on the stairwell.  It was a deliberate move and probably the fastest he went all day.  He proceed to walk slowly down the stairs and there was no way to go around him.  There was no bus tracker at the time but it was likely to be another 30 minutes for the next bus and I ended up walking home.

I realize it's not the biggest crime against humanity but it is irritating to miss your bus or train because someone couldn't or wouldn't move fast enough or get out of your way.

When I use to get on the Irving Park blue line, there is a long narrow escalator.  I get upset by people who stop walking up the escalator when they know *they* will make the last car of the train but not consider the people behind them (or that we would like to have enough time to get to a middle car for a better chance at a seat).

My wife pointed out that i could take the stairs.  BUT my dear the escalator would be faster if Ms-only-thinks-of-herself weren't impeding me.  I want to maximize my chances of The ultimate case of entitlement I ever encountered was someone who stepped off the bus and the stopped while she put her suitcase on the ground pulled the level so she could roll it.  BECAUSE moving 2 steps to the right or left would have been too fucking courteous and considerate!

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