Sunday, March 18, 2018

March weather

Every so many years, we get an early spring in Chicago.  This year is not one of them.   St Patrick's day was too cold to take the kids out to see the parade given how much of a hassle it is to take them out in public when we have to these days.  

It did warm up enough to let them play in the yard for about half an hour yesterday when the sun was shining upon our deck, though the temp dropped quickly once the sun went behind my neighbors tall evergreen.

Today will be in the 50s but the rest of will barely crack 40s. Next Sunday's shamrock shuffle looks to be a tights over shorts day.   I prefer that because my cold weather tights have pockets but I hate the shivering afterwards.   

We missed good weather though because Natasha was feeling a bit under the weather and wanted a nap.  She insisted that I nap with her and since I was up since 2 AM, I obliged.  Of course the sleep I got was not quite enough.    

There are some around the house projects I need to get started on but I need the weather to be just slightly warmer without being too hot. 

Chicago Weather always subject to change....unless you need it to

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