Sunday, June 10, 2012

Haircut Hang Ups, Part 2

Former Salon Diva - They obviously kept the curtains
In my previous post, I talked about how I evolved from dreading haircuts to going out of my way to get one from a stylist I really liked who gave a good cut.  So much so that I was jumping through hoops to meet her schedule.

I followed Aimee to Lincoln Park and then to Lake View because she was good. Good to look at and good to cut my hair. However, two things happened that caused our relationship to end.

One, she became harder and harder to get an appointment with. She only worked Thurs-Sat and she was booked. I had to plan my haircuts weeks in advance. Second, she decided to get out of the owner business and simply cut hair, thus she closed the shop on Ashland and went to work for one on Broadway, near Diversey. While this would have worked fine when I lived at Ashland and Montrose, it doesn't work too well now that I'm further across town.

So I thought long and hard about it and decided that the person who cuts my hair should be available on my schedule, not the other way around. They should also either be in the zip code where I live or work, or conveniently on the way from one to the other.

When she moved I used the opportunity to break up with Aimee. Breaking up with your stylist is easier than cheating on them because you basically make a commitment to never set foot in their shop again.

So once I was free to find a new stylist, I vowed I would never get committed to a specific stylist again. My coworker at the law firm suggested Halo for Men. They had a cut called The Man which is expensive but comes with little extras. I’ll describe those in a second, but first, Halo.

Halo is pretty much like the Hooters or Twisted Kilt of hair salons. You have a ton of attractive women who would never give you the time of day outside those walls along with the token homely gal whose entire purpose is to prevent any discriminatory lawsuits.

My thought is I don’t care what they look like as long as I get a good haircut, though if they are easy on the eyes all the better.
Halo's Signature Service, THE MAN, is our Haircut which comes with the following services included:

-Haircut & Style
-Shampoo & conditioning treatment
-Scalp massage
-Paraffin hand wax
-Hand massage
-Hot towel & facial toner
-Cleanup shampoo after the man
-Free touch-up within two weeks of previous appointment
-Complimentary beverage
Depending on who cuts your hair, the quality of your scalp and hand massage might leave something to be desired. In the two years I had gone there I had yet to get any facial toner…and I’m okay with that.

Alas Halo has devilish side as well.  Whenever I made an appointment, I went with first available.  The first time I went, I got some skinny bleached-blonde who I had absolutely nothing in common with and we struggled with the small talk.  I recall after the haircut seeing her on the street outside the shop...she didn't say boo.  Next time I called for a haircut, I went with next available.  Bleach-blonde starred at me all throughout the haircut as if I had slept with her and not called. 

I did finally happen upon a stylist who I did like.  She was Polish-lithuanian

To Be Continued.....

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