Friday, June 29, 2012

This is also a crazy reason to run in hot weather

Yesterday I worked from home (WFH). This allowed me to sleep longer and still manage a 3-mile run before the workday got rolling. The only reason I went for a run at all was to burn calories, not because I was worried about the 9 miles I will run tomorrow. If the training had called for a longer run, say 5 miles, I would have flat-out skipped it. The difference between sneaking off for a 3 mile instead of a 5 miler, especially in this heat is significant (25 versus 40 minutes). 

I looked at the temperature around 8:15 and saw that it was 77, according to my phone weather app. I decided that I could manage a 3-mile run and burn off some of the calories we consumed in the form of wine, which somehow tastes better on our deck. However, I decided to do some chores first like loading and running the dishwasher and starting a load of laundry. So by the time I got out the door, 30 minutes later, the temperature was now 88 degrees.

Surprisingly, I had a decent run.  It was faster than I expected though slower than my training pace.  I would not have been able to say that if it were a 4 miler or longer since I was pretty gassed by the end.

In years past when I trained for marathons, I would get it in my head that if I had a poor marathon performance, it had to be because I missed too many runs.  I now know that missing a run here and there isn't going to make a huge difference, as long as you don't miss too many runs.  The test is easy when you do the homework.

In years past, I also missed too many runs because of my inability to wake up and run before work and my social commitments after work. 

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  1. You don't have to "sneak off" for a run... be loud, be proud! You are a runner! :)


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