Saturday, March 8, 2014

How I work on my ChicagoNow Posts

It came with a Pen and Pen holder too
For whatever reason, I discovered that sometimes I get a good idea for a post when I am not within arms length of a computer.  It could be that my brain rests long enough to let the creative juices flow and a good idea sparks.  

So I got this primative tool paper notebook at one of these events at the office lobby.  I decided to carry it with me and whenever inspriation hits, I jot down the idea and any thoughts that come with it. 

The second tool I have is this Word document with a bunch of headlines that I hope to write sometime.  For the most part, the two are redundant, but the notebook is usually the first place the idea forms.  The Headlines doc was really supposed to be a one time thing that I would delete but it has taken on a life of its own.  When I publish a post, I strike through the list so as to show progress.  

The other day I went through and organized the headlines such that the ones that were closest to being publishable were moved to the top.  Sometimes it's a little more work to create a ChicagoNow post because I have to come up with a good, SEO headline and/or need some pictures that require good captions.  

The pictures also have to be mine or royalty free, because, you know plagiarism.  To that end, I have an iPhone and iPad filled with photos that can go along with these various posts.

Finally I also have a folder of notepad files that have rough ideas and thoughts, usually just a cleanup, fleshing out and expansion of the blurbs on the notebook.  The engineer in me wants to refine the workflow process but the creative side of me says: meh, why bother? 

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