Friday, March 21, 2014

Some thoughts about my College Days at NMSU

While I do a lot of my blogging over at ChicagoNow, I've decided that this space will be used for much more personal entries and stuff that I'm fleshing out here and might appear there once the kinks are worked out.

My first year at NMSU, I was in a three person dorm room.   My two assigned roommate were very different from me and from each other, at least as far as three 18 year old white guys can be.   I don't have the energy to come up with aliases for them so I'll just use their initials.

CH was taller than me and from a well-to-do suburb of St Louis.  In fact, almost everyone there that came from St Louis actually came from a suburb of St Louis, usually in St Louis County.  CH came up with a bunch of friends from high school so he basically already had his social infrastructure established.  He was a nice enough guy and friendly, but any chance we had of bonding was circumvented by his friend MM.  MM lived one floor up and was from another well-to-do suburb of STL.  The story was that these two went to the same high school even though they were in different suburbs.  I'm not sure how it all worked out.

Anyway, MM was in no way, shape or form interested in making new friends at college.  He had his high school friends here, and his girlfriend back home (they both had GFs back home and went home as often as they could since it was only a 3+ hour drive).

The other roommate was MW.  MW was essentially a hick from Southern Missouri.  I had no idea at the time but Missouri south of STL might as well have been a separate country.  This is where the rednecks who supported the Confederacy apparently lived and inbred.

Like I said, we got along alright but didn't spend too much time together relative to our time there.  MM was in the army reserve and gone at least one weekend a month.  CH went home every chance he could get.  They both transferred elsewhere after our freshman year and we didn't even try to keep in touch.  I've googled them on occasion and checked LinkedIn and Facebook.  However, they have common enough names and apparently no immediate Internet Footprint for it to be an easy find and I'm not curious enough to devote more than 5 minutes on a dull afternoon to the task.   

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