Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Not a very Exciting Weekend

Ice Patch in my driveway
This weekend wasn't too exciting: We got some light snow on Saturday which essentially melted by the afternoon and continued to do so the next day.  It's nice that my ice patch has shrunk down to almost nothing...just in time for 2-7 more inches of snow tonight.

I finally broke down and got a Netflix account.  I'm on the free trial month right now but I expect I'll

So far we are still struggling to find stuff to watch but at least Netflix does provide a little more stuff to choose from.  Part of it is Nightingale and I do not like the same type of movies.  We both enjoy Sci-Fi but she doesn't like scary movies or thrillers so I have to watch those when she's not home.

On Sunday we had an errand fail of a sorts.  Nightingale needed her oil changed and the plan was to drop the car off at the Jiffy Lube, and we'd run a few other errands and come back for it.  Well first they got her right in so she didn't think it would take long.  She sent me home and said she'd come pick me up.  Then they convinced her to get some extra maintenance done on her vehicle which pushed it to over two hours.

I used the opportunity to take some photos of various sites I've been meaning to snap a shot of for blogging purposes so it was very productive for me.  I also got to try out a pub  in the hood that I've been meaning to check out while waiting.  I will be much happier when the weather warms up and the snow is gone so that on days like yesterday I can spend time in the garage or backyard just hanging out.
keep it since it's only $8 a month.  There was much input from my friends on FB about Netflix versus Hulu Plus and I took a lot of it under consideration.  There might even be a time when  I get both.  However for now the leading factor for me choosing Netflix over Hulu was that all I needed to provide was my email address to Netflix whereas Hulu wanted a little more info Just to sign up.

Names will be changed to protect the guilty:  So I'm going to start writing some posts about various jobs I've held over the years.   I expect I will also change details a little to mask identities and things that might reveal too much information about the actual workplace.  I haven't decided yet.

Paralegal at Big-Bucks Law Firm
Support Engineer at No-Name Software Company
Consultant at FBN Consulting Firm

It's too soon to talk about my time at Big-Bucks Law Firm 2.0 or my current gig at TopFive.  Though I might work in some stories about Mr Magoo, The Red Shirt Ensigns, and even Minnie Magoo as soon as I can. 

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