Saturday, June 21, 2014

High School Reunions

"what the point of these reunions really were. Yes, it's nice to see people you haven't seen in awhile but after 40 years? Isn't there a reason that those people weren't in your life up until now? Does anyone kindle a solid friendship after that length of time?

Throughout the evening I ended up with the people that I've always kept in touch with and find great happiness in being around. Maybe I don't see them that often, some only once a year but there is something to be said for that type of friend. You see them and you pick up exactly where you left off. There is an unspoken bond that you created at a time in life where you were literally growing up together. And those are the bonds that are important as we age.

At the very end of the night there we were: a couple of athletes, a couple of princesses, a brain, maybe a basket case, no criminals. We had all met at a time in our life when making friends was easy and worries were few."
 --Class Reunions

 Here's the harsh reality.  High School either was the Time of Your Life, sucked majorily or fell somewhere in between.  There are some people who were only getting started with their full potential in HS and others who peaked and still look fondly upon those glory days.  They essentially failed to launch.

For me, HS was better than Jr High, which was better than grade school.  College was better than all of course and that's probably how it should be. 

Here's a break down of what my Class of 87 had:

  •  1992 (5 year) We had a picnic.  I had to work so i missed it but got together with the 4 people who showed up that evening after my shift.
  •  1997  (10 year)   It didn't happen because of poor planning on behalf of lame organizers, basically the kids who peaked in high school and never reproduced that success afterwards.
  •  2007  (20 year)  I almost didn't go to this either but am glad that I did.  it was a nice time and I reconnected with my freshmen biology lab partner. 
  •  2012 (25 year) My wife made me go to Michigan because her dad was going to be home for his HS reunion and it was an excellent opportunity to have the whole family in one place.
  •  2017  (30 year)  Don't know what's gonna happen 3 years frm now.

After High School I tried to stay in touch with HS friends but the truth...FB has reconnected me with many and to be honest,  it is sometimes easier to have a virtual friendship.

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