Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Looks like we need some FAQs

Since announcing that Nightingale is pregnant, people generally ask me the same two questions:  When is she due and are we going to learn the sex of the children.

I am actually a bit surprised that people wonder if we would want to know.  When I was an obtuse lad in the 90s and my friends were starting to get preggers, I asked one of them this very question.  She looked at me like I asked if she were going to sign the kid up for the sex trade and said in only a slightly condescending tone of voice:  You want to know so you can get things ready.

Things like what, I thought, their favorite cognac and preferred smokes?  In any event, that experience made me expect that everyone pretty much wants to know these days because the technology is more accurate than the sitcom make you think.  I asked the ultrasound technician and she said that it's about 50-50 of people wanting to know versus not wanting to know. 

So yes we found out last week that we are having a boy and a girl.  Or an aardvark and a Gecko, our insurance has some limitations.

When is Nightingale due?  Well twins arrive on their own timetable and generally come early, usually by Week 35, which would mean time at the Nicu.  And if she makes it to Week 38 they want to induce so we have to see how we feel about that if and when we get there.  They really like to do C-sections on pregnant women because it is quick and efficient -- for them.  So allowing for errors in our calculations, any time after Sept 15 is fair game.

Names:  We got asked this a little less often at first, probably because it was too soon to know the sex and we could deflect with the "we want to wait procrastinate until we knew the genders".  The only name that is off the table is my real first name because the world doesn't need another Icarus.

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