Monday, June 23, 2014

Basically, it was a mini-wedding reunion

For the first time in a long time, we had a busy social weekend.  On Friday we were downtown because my friend Jewel from college was in town.  She was in town with her daughter and her friend to see Queen in concert.  They wanted authentic Chicago Pizza without waiting in the lines at Pizzeria Uno or other such Elk.  I suggested Pizano's Pizza which is not the best choice out there but there are far, far worse.  We had a good time catching up and talking.  Jewel isn't strong with social maintenance or friendship upkeep so there are long gaps in between contact -- my wedding was the last time I saw her -- and she's anti-Facebook so she'll be on the short list of Amish People I'll have to get around to emailing once the twins arrive.
How I feel about the World Cup

On Saturday we met K and J and Sarah a friend of Nightingale's from Planet Michigan.  we were going to go to a lawn concert at the Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park, but instead of the pending thunderstorms opted to have dinner at The Portage.  We were worried because our friends don't always cross-pollinate well but we had a good time and talked babies.  K and J are also expecting twins (boys) and Sarah is very knowledgeable in this area being a former nurse herself.

On Sunday we met another couple for brunch at The Garage.  Basically, everyone we were with this weekend was at our wedding.  Afterward, we went grocery shopping and then spent some time on our deck.

Last weekend Six Corners was having a BBQ feast so we invited the runner groups over.  We did the same thing last year on a smaller scale and this year we simply expanded the list.  Didn't realize it would also be Father's Day weekend, Old Town Art Fair, and Flag Day all rolled into one.  Although the running groups are fairly easygoing and friendly, I did feel sorry for one of my co-group leaders who didn't have a good representation from our last pace group.  it was a good beta test for the next big party, our co-ed shower next month.  I learned that we needed more outdoor seating and we had just enough food, which meant we didn't have enough food.  It's always a tricky thing because if you buy too much food and you have too many no-shows, it can go to waste.

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