Tuesday, April 7, 2015

PST from a previous job

What do you mean there's a  faster way?
It definitely wasn't all me: I wrote about the PST from a previous job before. I keep replaying all
these old experiences over and over in my head and I realize a couple of things.  One, I really did have a very naive and idealistic viewpoint on how things should and could be.  And two, that place and the people were so fucked up that no amount of governance and therapy could save them.

When I was a paralegal I adapted to the firms new document management system faster than my peers and was treated like a child molester for doing so.  At the time I couldn't understand why the resistance.  This was the direction the firm was going and we all had to do it, so why fight it?

I figured out that it wasn't so much a resistance to tech per se, although that was definitely there.  No it was a resistance to anyone or anything that made them look "bad".  As in not as smart or talented as they claimed to be.  For some people, it is easier to make others look bad than to do a good job.

I had a certain capability to navigate a new technology without fumbling like a fish out of water and this was, for some reason, a threat to them.


Who is the A-hole?  Let's say you are at you friend Tina's party and you meet Brian.  He seems really cool.  Tina pulls you to the side at one point and tells you that Brian isn't the great guy he
appears to be.  You decide not to give him your number or not to get further involved. years later you find out that Tina exaggerated/made things up and he was actually a really decent guy.

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