Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Missing the Action

 I know nobody wants to read a hundred pleas per year for the kinds of things a dude with a blog is supposed to request. I appreciate your patience with the following paragraphs.

Just a reminder that if you aren't following Mysteries of Life  on Facebook and/or Twitter you don't know what you're missing

There's more to it than a bunch of links to posts. It's a little heavier on humor and lighter on stream of consciousness rambling compared to this site. And I'm obligated to try to boost traffic and build a base of readers and all that stuff. So do it.

It really is hard for me to ask readers to do this, especially since I have already asked in the past.  I have tons of connections on Facebook who ignore didn't see my requests but then turn around and ask me to like their stuff.  Or the friend who likes all those faceless corporations but cannot give a click to me because God forbid it help me out in anyway that doesn't benefit them.  Okay end rant.

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