Monday, July 9, 2018

School decisions

We just learned that the local public elementary school isn't...bad.  It's not a top-tier school and people in the hood with the means send their kids elsewhere, which causes a sort of self-fulfilling prophesy in terms of enrollment funding, but it is a decent enough school.

When someone says Good School they usually mean top test scores and student resources, etc.  But they sometimes also mean less work for the parent.  If our kids go to Portage Park Elementary, we will have to put in more work than if they went to Beaubien or Walt Disney for instance.

 "Level 1" status means It’s a combination of graduation rate, attendance, closing of achievement gaps year over year, test scores, and student growth year over year. The levels also take into consideration parent involvement and other things like healthy schools status (athletics, wellness programs, activities in the school) and art programs (art, drama, dance, etc. )
 Portage park elementary is a level one school with pretty high student attainment levels and NWEA growth scores. Check out the CPS website for more information and definitely take a tour. I second what Tanya said above, there are some pretty cool things going on over there.   Source

Public education is immensely important and needs to be funded so that every student gets a good and useful education, not just the ones in the “right” zip codes.

Public education needs to robust and useful to students Throwing money at public schools will not solve every problem, but adequately funding public schools removes a lot of problems and lets people focus on the other, different problems. Bottom line: Every public school in America should be a school you’d be fine with having your own child at.

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