Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Two Recent Bad Dreams

The last two nights I've had some not actual nightmares but definitely unpleasant dreams.

Monday night I dreamt some kid was bullying a younger me.  I could easily have kicked this kids ass except he was always surrounded by some friends who had his back.

Tuesday night I dreamt I was back in college in Kirksville and almost everyone was going home for the weekend.  Those that were around already had plans that didn't include me.  NMSU was such a commuter campus even though it was 3 hours from any major city.

I suspect my anxiety is coming from two places that intersect at my psyche.  One, I am worried my son will experience the same issues I experienced in life and be ill prepared for them (being bullied, not understanding the opposite sex, etc).  and Two, I've reach a point where I don't have very many friends that I hang out with or interact with on a day-to-day level such that what difference does it make if I stay in Chicago or move to Tennessee/Mississippi?

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