Tuesday, July 10, 2018

slight Change of Plan

Remember these?
I went to Lowe's to get some quarter rounds yesterday.  I need the following sizes:

  • four 10 foot quarter rounds
  • one  95 inch quarter round
  • one 100 inch quarter round
Unfortunately, Lowe's only sells 8 ft and 12 ft quarter rounds (also known as shoes).  They also do not cut them because they are too hard to manage and technically pre-treated lumber.  That wouldn't be a problem except I had my Element instead of Nightingale's minivan so I couldn't bring home 12 ft QRs.

I did bring home the 8 ft one since that turns out to be 96 inches and I can see how things look and maybe practice on the one.

In the meantime I will work on touch-ups and clean up. In fact touch will be a never ending endeavor (at least until I run out of paint, which considering how much I bought won't happen) because I will always see a mistake here and a miss stroke there.

Given how much I hate to paint in the hot weather, I think the lattices will have to wait until Fall.

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