Monday, February 4, 2013

Look Out World, my mom now has an iPhone

the only phone that lets you take a picture of it
front and back at the same time
Because of a chain of unfortunate circumstances we have had to pay some of my mom's bills. While crunching the numbers, it turned out to be more economical to put my mom on our family plan than to continue paying her cell phone bill. 

We went to the store to figure out the best option.  We didn't really want to give her a Smart Phone and hoped that a Clever or Adept Phone would do.  However, Verizon was giving free iPhone 4 as the upgrade or additional line on family plans.  I was up for an upgrade as well and though I thought about the Galaxy Whatever version is hot now, that would have cost a couple hundred bucks so I went with the free iPhone as well.

So now my decent into darkness is almost complete.  I bought the latest and greatest iPads that were available last spring so that Nightingale and I could enjoy checking our email and FB from the comfort of our deck instead of being inside on nice summer nights.

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