Friday, April 19, 2013

Some stuff is DIY, other stuff requires Professionals

If only it were that simple

So one of the things I was able to work on during the brief warm front last weekend was work on this leak. We call these our wizard of oz doors and there was a small leak coming into the basement. The previous owner probably put some caulk to deal with it short term with the intention of fixing it permanently once the weather was more cooperative. However the temporary fix was probably good enough to put off fixing it in lieu of other projects. Then he decided to sell the place so now it's my problem.

So I researched a caulk and ordered a general purpose one that will bond between metal and stone. Someday I will have to involve us waterproofing or some similar company. In the meantime, I had my in-laws available so I put them to work. I stripped away all the old caulk then FIL dug up and realigned the nearby pavers. This was to get water to drain away from the doors. Finally MIL recaulked the doors because she is really good at those things.

Unfortunately, there is still a leak.  On top of that water is also getting into the garage.  Therefore  I have to call the pros.  Since we had a pseudo-Monsoon in Chicago yesterday, the earliest appointment I could get was middle of May.  At least that gives my wallet some time to rest.

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