Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Slowly getting the Artwork on the Walls

Boulevard of Broken Dreams is too
college to be shown in family room
Little by little we are slowly getting around to hanging up what counts for artwork around here. I have what I consider two cool pieces of grown up artwork, along with a couple of other smaller items that cover the walls nicely. Nightingale has some pieces that have nice frames but she isn't happy with the pictures per se.

She also had a bunch of paintings of her family's farm in Michigan, which was sold years ago. We had them in our Condo and I hung them in the dining room the Friday after Thanksgiving of that first year she moved in because I was tired of them living on the floor.  I was certain she was going to hang them here but somehow tthey migrated North for her sister's new home in Gross Pointe. 

Picked up this painting in Virginia Beach
So the goal is to find things at estate and garage sales throughout the summer. Now the conflict is that I wanted to hang as many things as we could so the corner of the attic the paintings were sitting in would be freed up. Nightingale was afraid that once we hung something, it would be permanent. So we compromised, and found places for the two grown up pieces that I have.



  1. And here, when you put something on the wall, you have to drill into concrete block, so it stays FOREVER. You gotta really like what you're hanging and never want to move it.

  2. concrete! wow is that a remnant of the Soviet Occupation?


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