Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Abusing my role as an IT Guru

Or the less popular kitty porn
A common misconception that non-techy people have about techs is that we are computer gods. I do my best to discourage this thinking and educate people whenever possible. However, recently I couldn't help but use it to my advantage in the most guilty manner

My FIL likes to forward inappropriate emails. I happened to mention that my Mallet of Loving Correctness for dealing with those sorts of senders is to hack their accounts, steal their identity and sign them up for Russian porn. Gay Russian porn.

Todays Public Service Announcement: When someone cancels 11th hour, there are usually two possibilities.

1) something legitimately came up at the last minute and they couldn't make it.

2) they never really want to be part of whatever was going on, but didn't have the ability to communicate that until the pressure overwhelmed them and they panicked at the last minute.

Not Mine but an idea for our yard
Without emperical evidence, it's hard to tell the two situations apart. Usually time will provide enough situations where you can make an educated guess on which one it is. Sometimes you can tell right away.

On of my favorite lines from A Few Good Men is "I'm sure you don't have a good excuse, so I won't force you to come up with a bad one."

A lot of people do come up with a bad one when they are trying to get out of something. Maybe they are trying to cushion the disappointment or maybe they just had an extra helping of lameness that morning. They don't think beyond the excuse so they not only disappoint but they insult your intelligence.

So my PSA for today is if you want to show you were the victim of uncontrollable events instead of simply being a lameass, the next time you cancel 11th hour take the lead on re-scheduling or planning the next event. You don't have to do all the heavy lifting, but you should be to one to say "hey how about we try again next week/month" or "Let's get together for that drink Thursday."

I'd say the amount of work you need to do is inversely proportional to the lameness of your excuse. You're welcome.

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