Friday, April 12, 2013

Another Bad Week for Blogging

In the middle of the night Sunday I woke up in a cold sweat.  I had a fever and also felt nauseous  This was surprising because I had not had much if anything alcoholic to drink.  I went to the bathroom in the basement so I wouldn't wake Nightingale and threw up.  It wasn't the "I drank too much" throw up we are all familiar with from our college days (and beyond unfortunately).  It was the something is wrong with you, something is disagreeing with your body and your body is trying to kick that something's ass outside the door  throw up.  And if you won't go out the mouth then let me introduce you to my good friend diarrhea.

Apologies for the graphic description and TMI.  The point is that I ended up with what appears to be some type of food poisoning that also sidelined me.  I did manage to sleep through most of the night and thought I was well enough to go to work on Monday.  Only once I got there I was uber sleepy.  So I told my boss and he sent me home.  Luckily we have a very strong "get your sick ass home and don't spread your germs" policy at TopFive -- in fact I'm sure that's how it's referenced in the Employee Manual. 

LeadBelly just opened in our hood,
 i'm gonna have to run a lot to eat there 
So I got home around 11:30 and slept until about 2:30, logged in and learned that Mr Magoo had canceled our 3:30 call (he was sick too, poor baby) and hadn't bothered to come into the office at all.  I watched 10 minutes of the Cubs game and while it didn't make me any more nauseous, I went back to sleep until Nightingale came home.  Feeling better, we went for a walk around our new neighborhood.  We walked to Portage Park and then stopped for dipped ice cream cones at Dairy Queen.  We then walked West on Irving Park Rd (IPR) and then headed home because the wind shifted and it got cold.

So the rest of the week I felt better but my appetite didn't return until late Wednesday so even though I've done no exercise since Sunday morning's Shamrock Shuffle, my scale tells me I'm at 202 lbs today.  Not the way I want to lose weight but now I do have a better appreciation of the instant gratification of anorexia if not an understanding of why one would risk the long term consequences.

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