Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Places we could move to

Every now and again, Nightingale and I entertain the idea of moving away from Chicago.  Yes as much as I love Chicago and am a city boy, this city with its nickel and dime taxes has finally given me enough incentive to move away. 

Right now the commute to downtown is hell on Nightingale because of traffic and there is no easy way to get to Northwestern Hospital.  The El or the Metra require a slow bus and eat up any time that is saved by rail transit.

So moving to a suburb would make her trip even more stressful.  I'm not sure which burb we would move to, it would depend on future jobs. 

This should be an easy choice.  Nightingale would be closer to her Sister and get to see the Little Monkeys more often.  In reality, it wouldn't make our lives that much easier because we would just be ....

Her parents live in Nashville and her sister lives near Memphis so that is technically on the table.  The truth is, if I'm gonna move to a red state, I want a kick ass house with a lot of space around it but reasonable distance to a decent sized urban center.

A lot has to happen at this end too.  We screwed the pooch on our chance to sell Nightingale's condo this year and have to wait another year to try again.  The condo board forced a new rule in the by laws such that new owners cannot rent their units out for two years after purchase.  (nevermind that they simple kept the election open until they got the required number of votes and set the start date retroactive to a few years ago, thus fucking even the most recent buyers).  This allegedly eliminates any potential investors who might have both a south loop condo.

We both would need new jobs.  And we'd have to figure out what to do about my mom.  She does not want to leave her crapshack in Humboldt Park.

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