Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rest in Peace Austin

Our cat Austin was put to sleep Sunday night (August 16)  around 10 pm  He had developed feline diabetes last year just after our cat Maggie succumbed to Lymphoma and was put down.

We were in Michigan when we got a text from my mom telling us that Austin wasn't looking so hot.  It turns out his sugar was too low and there was no chance to bring him back.  He was in pain and would have suffered for a long time and then finally die and we couldn't do that to him so we gave the okay to euthanize him.   
I'm okay with the decision to put him out of his misery.  I just wish we had been there.   We left around 9:15am Saturday for a two day trip.  Nightingale wants to believe that he waited for us to leave for this trip before he made his departure from this world to go be with Maggie.

It's strange not having him around.  Every so often I still think "time for Austin's pill or shot" or "gotta close this door so the cat doesn't get out.  A few days before our trip, I had a dream that I was carrying Austin through some body of water, holding him over my head so he wouldn't get wet.  I was looking for a place to set him down and the only thing I could find was this sandy area under a dark tunnel. 

We plan to be pet-free for the next two years or so.  For one thing, it is too soon to replace him.  Secondly, with small children in the house we just don't have the bandwidth to take care and form attachments to a new pet.  Plus the kids aren't at an age or level of development where they can understand not to pull a kitty's tail.  We were very worried Austin was gonna bite Natasha or Boris one of these days.  Finally, there is some financial relief: his pet food and medications were not cheap.


  1. Sorry I'm just reading this now and I'm so sad to hear about poor Austin. I loved that cat and I know you had many years with him. He is resting in peace in kitty heaven with his sister, Maggie.

  2. Thank you so much. I really miss the little guy so much. I still expect him to jump on the table, especially when we are eating.


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