Tuesday, August 16, 2016

But I'm sure she's a nice person

The reason I keep this blog around:  I want to write about an experience I had this year but I cannot do it on my ChicagoNow Blog.  As part of the Separation Package TopFive provided us, we got 3 months of Career Counseling Services from Lee Hecht Harrison.

First off, this fucking name doesn't roll off the tongue and it's isn't anything I'd associate with resume writing or job hunting services.  Second, the company website doesn't have an easy to find portal into your career placement center. 

Finally they assigned me some overworked person with a Vice President title that doesn't really amount to anything.  She calls me the evening before she leaves for a week vacation.  This annoyed me because even though I had something lined up by then, what if I hadn't?  I'd lose a crucial week of being able to talk to a live counselor about job hunting tactics.

When she got back, she wanted to follow this script.  She would talk, talk, talk.  Ocassionally ask me  a question, never listen to the answer, and then go back to the script.  I could tell she was getting annoyed when I asked questions and went off script.

The sad thing is, all I really needed from Lee Hecht Harrison was help hammering down my resume and my LinkedIn profile.  After that, we could have parted ways and you would have had one less person to talk with for three months. 

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