Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer Weekends

Can't quite put my finger on what's wrong with this
This was one of those weekends were I feel we accomplished some things yet still had a relaxing, fun time with the kiddos.  We just had two obligations: meeting with the financial advisor on Saturday and me going over to Nightingale's condo on Sunday fix a few things up.   

Had I realized that it would only take me a couple of hours, I could have done it Saturday morning and then Sunday would have been a free day.  On the other hand, had I tried to do it Saturday, I suspect it would have taken longer and I would have talked myself into finishing up on Sunday so let's call it done and move on.

I'm proud to say that my painting skills are actually pretty decent.  My caulking not so much.  Like many home maintenance and repair type takes, the more you do something the better you get and caulking is not something I get a lot of opportunities to do.  and I'm okay with that.  

I have today off because I saw an opportunity to get some thing done around the house.  We have slowly been addressing some of the issues around here as my emergency funds replenished from the time off.  I didn't have to drain them but I did tap into them more than I would have liked.  For instance I had the unexpected issue with my car, which cost over a $1K.  We also bought a new mattress because the old one was just too lumpy to get a good night's sleep with...not that Moose and Squirrel give us many good night sleeps.

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