Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Nine months makes a huge difference

We are in Grosse Pointe visiting the Fam and enjoying a few days of Cousin Bonding.  When I write enjoying I am not at all being sarcastic. It actually is a very pleasant, relaxing visit.  The last time we were here, Moose and Squirrel would not let anyone else hold them and were very mommy and daddy centric.  In other words, we couldn't do anything except hold our babies, which I can do back home.

It was so bad that Nightingale declared we were not doing any more road trips until the kids were older.  At the time we were dreading the upcoming SIL2 wedding in June to Mississippi.  For that trip we had to split the driving into two shorter legs of driving.

They did so well this trip, sleeping the majority of the time that we were able to power through and
drive almost all the way without stopping.  That helped because we got a very late start out the door each time.

In past visits I always worried about the kids injuring themselves or getting injured by their older cousins who just want to play.  But now they are old enough that we don't have to watch them every second for fear of them injuring themselves.  We still have to keep an eye on them but not as intensely. 

We got in on Friday around 4:30 which is perfect because we have enough time to unpack and unwind before dinner.  We made a deal with the SIL where she watched our kids Saturday morning while Nightingale and I went Estate Sale-ing and had lunch, and we watched her boys that evening because they had plans they had forgotten about when they invited us for this particular weekend (some things never change.)

The only issue is we came back too early, just as SIL1 was putting our kids down for nap and they did not want to go to sleep.  That threw our afternoon off a bit.  

Sunday was the bigger birthday party for Little_Monkey2 and this time we were more firm about nap time. 

  We left Monday morning, again not as early as I would have liked, but we still made excellent time because they kids slept for almost 3 hours worth of the car ride home.

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