Thursday, October 6, 2016

Much needed Landscaping and paver repair work -- Before

About a month ago, my neighbor was having some work done on his lawn and i asked his lawn service for a quote on sod.  He told us that he could do it but couldn't guarantee it because of the lack of good sunlight our front lawn gets.  We asked about options and he said that he could trim a few branches from our tree -- not too many because this is a no-no in the city -- and use some special dirt and as long as we watered it appropriately, it should be "all right."

We also decided while we were at it, to get our pavers sanded and sealed.  This was not a cheap endeavor but it was necessary and should last 3-5 years as long as we don't get too many harsh winters and do not use salt for our snow removal.  If we do use salt, use it sparingly.

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