Saturday, October 8, 2016

What I need to get things done

In order to get stuff done around the house, conditions have to be right.
Even the Rabbit mocks me

Weather: it cannot be too hot, or too cold  or too rainy.  

Daylight: this should be obvious but outdoor projects require the ability to see what I'm doing.

Time:  If you want to do something right, you definitely don't want to be rushed.  Some things can be done during Nap Time but most things require several consecutive uninterrupted hours.

Materials:  This means not having to run out to the hardware store for anything and also having the income necessary to purchase whatever is needed.

Energy:  The reason I don't do a lot after work even when there is good summer daylight and weather is my energy levels ain't what they use to be.

But most of all,  the one thing I really need or its a nonstarter is....

Child Containment/Distraction:  This one is the biggest challenge and something we often lack.  Nightingale and I could get more done if we had someone on the weekends who could take our kids for a walk or to the museum for a few hours.  Otherwise one of us has to watch the kids while the other works and this works until moose or squirrel want to be with the other parent.

Getting all of these things to line up is really, really hard.

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