Sunday, October 16, 2016

Results of the Flex Seal have been mostly positive

It rained last night and this morning I noticed some water beading on our roof.  This is exactly what the Flex-Seal was supposed to do.  I suspect our roof isn't slanted enough for the water to roll entirely into the gutter but this is just fine as it will eventually evaporate or be consumed by a flying animal.

In other news, I did  paint the door frame of our new back door.  Because it's a PITA to paint a door frame that already has a door on it, I only did one coat and it looks better than I expected one coat to look.  

I still have the basement access to seal, but I want to return the one gallon and purchase a smaller, 32 oz size instead as I won't need that much and once you open the bucket, it starts to cure, so you risk wasting a lot.

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