Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Good day, rough night

So yesterday evening was a cluster-F.  First, the person who was supposed to come get a chair that we are giving away asked if she could either come at 830 or today.  We decided today would work better because I had an errand to run anyway.

Errand:  Nightingale and I went to the jewelry where we got our wedding rings in hopes that we could get some jewels added to hers.  They told us it wasn't easy (read: possible) to do so and they wouldn't advise it.  But they did talk us into getting them cleaned.  I went to pick them up based on their Yelp hours but unfortunately they have new (or perhaps Winter) hours that meant they were closed before I even got out the door.

Before that though:  my car battery had died over the weekend and I used Nightingale car to jump it.  It died again yesterday morning.  I tried to jump it again but no luck.  so I need to get a new car battery.  The Pep Boys is just around the corner but I do not want to pay for a tow, so I think I will have to buy the battery and try my luck installing it.

So to make the evening not a complete failure, I stopped off at the nearest Liquor Store and got some supplies.

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