Tuesday, November 8, 2016

WFH Days return, sort of and The Bears aren't quite dead yet

I don't have an official WFH Day at the new gig like I did at TopFive, but I have been doing more WFH on Fridays.  As my boss pointed out, since I'm remote anyway, it really doesn't matter whether I'm at my home, the office downtown or even a Starbucks as long as I'm reachable and available. 

I do try to get too much extracurricular activity done on my WFH days.  It's because it's really the only time I have the trifecta of daylight, energy and kid-free environment.

So this weekend I focused on a few small things.  I did some prep work for potentially getting our foundation masonry painted.  And I put away some but not all of the deck furniture and garden items that need to come in for the winter.  It was strange having a 70+ degree day on Sunday, it felt like a summer day. 

I also had someone come over and mount the basement TV to the wall and fish a few network cables through the wall so they are not as unsightly.  I like this crew and would hire them again, perhaps if I ever decide to run network cable throughout the house or build that LAN closet I dream about. 

NFL Update: I knew someone would notice what I mentioned last week about there not being too many blowout teams and the Bears having a pulse.   I started writing my thinky-thoughts about it here, but then turned it into a ChicagoNow post because we need a break from all the Election Related posts. 

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