Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mid Morning Thoughts on the Day After

This is what I wrote yesterday on my personal Facebook Page:

This election has been like a ride at the amusement park but not in any of the fun ways. First the election season was like the long wait in line for that ride, with the first candidate announcing their bid to the primaries being just getting close enough to see the ride.

The Conventions would have been you getting into the housing structure of the ride, with no realistic chance to turn back.

Finally Election Day came and you are about to get on that short whirlwind ride that lasts 24 hours but you will remember for years to come. But you cannot enjoy the ride because instead of Delightful Fright, your have a stomach ache from the Hot Dog Campaign ads and the Cotton Candy flow of election news.
The only thing left to do is finish the ride, throw up and hope you feel better tomorrow.

Some sites I follow that have thoughts about the post election. 

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