Monday, February 23, 2015

Extra set of hands needed ASAP

Our kids are at the stage where they want to be held and sometimes they don't want you to be sitting down.  There is just so much you can get accomplished when you only have one free hand.  Also, they are doing this thing now where they get up at 3am and won't go back to sleep for at least 90 minutes.  Which means puts us at about 90 minutes before our alarm is about to go off.

Our problems are compounded by the fact that we have two babies.  I'm not saying single baby families or families with more than one kid at different ages don't have their share of problems.  I'm just saying this is our only frame of reference and there are challenges unique to twins.  In the hospital and when they first came home, they acted more or less as one unit in terms of sleeping and being hungry.  That obviously didn't last very long but now the differences are more pronounced.  If one is sleeping and the other isn't, you still have to get the other one down before you can do anything.  And Boris will often wake up Natasha or vice-versa. 

Our frustration level is skyrocketing and I don't know what to do.  In the Old World, one of the ways I use to relieve stress was to go for a run.  That has been taken away from me of course because my knees are achy and because I haven't been running as much my endurance has gone away.  Also, it isn't easy to carve out time when I can get a run in, which is also making HM training difficult.  Even if I can get out for a run, that doesn't solve the problem long term.  We need an extra set of hands at the house in the evenings when we get the kids home from daycare so that we can get ahead of everything. 

Unfortunately, we don't have a young relative that is GaGa for babies that lives nearby.  Our only option is my mom who is her own bag of crazy.  She really likes to play life on the highest difficulty setting possible.  For instance, on a very cold President's Day, she plans to go to her bank and get a certified check to pay her property taxes and then travel downtown to deliver said check.  Most normal people in this century would pay online.  [I did point out to her that everything was closed that day.]

NG does have an Aunt who stayed with us for November and December but unfortunately, she has hip issues and going up and down our stairs is not ideal for her.  She cannot easily maneuver in the claw foot tub upstairs and going down the stairs to the basement shower isn't easy for her, not to mention that the basement is where our cat has his kitty litter which unfortunately doesn't contain the smell to just the laundry room section.


  1. I'm sorry - this phase always sucks. I can tell you that it doesn't go on forever, so hopefully that's a small bit of comfort. A "one day at a time" mentality has helped me get through this type of thing before.

    I'm pretty good with babies, so I would offer to help if I weren't a creepy random stranger from the internet who doesn't even use her real name or real picture.

  2. appreciate the offer though and good to know that it doesn't go on forever. This is actually probably the easiest it will ever be. Once they gain mobility and develop their personalities we will long for the days of simply being up for a couple of hours at night.


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