Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Quick Catch up post

Okay, after a reasonably good start, I've gone too long without posting here. This is because I'm trying not to post too much from work and when I'm at home, Moose and Squirrel are a handful especially if my mom doesn't come over to help and it's just Nightingale and I. 

While I stand by my earlier proclamation that this has been a relatively mild winter, I am ready for it to be over.  It's just too cold to do anything and the snow has turned into ice which makes carting two infants around a bit more problematic.

When we drop the kiddos off at day care, the side of the car that is facing the parkway is usually off limits because of the pile of snow.

I wrote a couple of posts about my Winter Training and the Half Marathon I will run next month.

So we didn't go grocery shopping over the weekend.  We should have, but we didn't and I don't want to go into the details of that bad decision.  I just want to write about how it came back to bite us in the ass.  Because we didn't leave the house to physically shop in the store, we opted to order from Peapod.  The earliest available slot was Tuesday and we had a choice of 7-9 or 8-10.

We thought that if we picked the 7-9 slot, with our luck, Peapod would arrive at 7, right as we were trying to get our kids down for the night.  So I said we should take the 8-10 slot.  It did occur to me that means they could arrive at 10 but we are usually up anyway because one of the two kids wakes up around then.  It never occurred to me that they would be 45 minutes late on the first night in weeks that our kids decided to sleep for 4 straight hours without and we could have gone to bed much earlier!


  1. Yeah that wind just makes it awful. I had to take my 9-year-old to the pediatrician and then to the pharmacy yesterday and I just dreaded getting out of the car. Blech.

    Now the kids don't have school because of the cold, but I'm still at work. Filing deadlines wait for no man! (Or woman)

    1. I hear you. January sucked because of snow, February is sucking because of cold and March might suck because of slushy muddy melting.

      in years past they would have closed our office or strongly encouraged us to WFH. Not so much these days.


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