Thursday, February 19, 2015

Getting It Off Your Chest

I'd like to introduce a new category here on Mysteries of Life called Getting It Off Your Chest.  The ideas is to write a short post about some past slight, trespass or other injustice committed on the behalf of a Friend-Who-Really-Wasn't.

It could be that time your roommate chose to go to a movie instead of help you celebrate your milestone birthday; it could be the friend who made you leave a cool party before you scored someone's phone number because they had to leave now; it could be someone promised to help you move and then didn't answer their phone all weekend.

The mitigating criteria being that the statute of limitations for bringing it up to said friend has very likely long since expired but you are still traumatized by it for some reason.   The purpose isn't to bitch, whine and moan but to move on by gaining some closure.

Note:  I will probably mirror this category over at ChicagoNow but the difference is here the posts will be more raw and uncensored. 

I invite readers to share their experiences as well.

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