Friday, March 27, 2015

Some thoughts on blogging

During the week I often envision myself pounding out several posts here and at ChicagoNow when I work from home on Fridays.  Unfortunately my day usually gets chopped up.  First I have to drop Moose and Squirrel off at daycare.  Nightingale figures that it saves her a few minutes of stress so why not.  Then when I get home there is usually a conf call I need to be on.  Sometimes I want to get a run in and shower before the cleaning lady gets here.  I also strive to do some laundry and other odd jobs around the house that daylight and (now) lack of infants make more optimal. 

We miss Maggie very much
Blogspot, Wordpress and Typepad are full of blogs that have a handful of posts and then the blogger stopped posting.  There are probably lots of reasons for this.  I know a guy in particular who every January re-discovers his blog, starts posting for a few days and then forgets until next year.   Most likely because there isn't any reader interaction or feedback so if you are the type of writer who needs an audience you are going to get frustrated rather quickly.  Blogging, at least quality blogging that will attract consistent and growing readership and reader interaction is hard. 

My goal for this blog this year is to try and hammer out approximately 10 posts a month. That will keep me in line with my averages for previous years. 

I'm trying to avoid writing posts here while at work even though it probably doesn't matter.  They either already have this domain in my internet history or they don't.  But not writing while at work means I can only really write when I'm at home during the few hours that Moose and Squirrel are sleeping and most of those times I'm either scrambling to get things done before they wake from their nap or they are down for the night and we are trying to relax, eat something and catch some sleep before the middle of the night feeding.

So we are on the verge of putting Nightingale 's condo up for sale.  We unloaded mine last fall and the result was for the first time since we got married we didn't have to pay any taxes.  The market seems better this year because a First One neighbor of mine from the condo building put her place on the market and was under contract in less than three weeks.  Her unit is slightly smaller than mine and she priced it accordingly.  She also owned the place for 15 years and unless she did something really stupid with refis and HELOCs, she will do okay if she got anywhere close to ask (which one should assume if it went under contract in three weeks).


  1. Oh my word - I have so many half-finished posts on an electronic scratch pad I could write a book. But yeah - work gets busy and then my family wants my attention ... it's nice to be so loved but the downside is I get very little time to write!

  2. I'd love to read that book...I know you have a wealth of experience and adventures to draw from.

  3. Oh my goodness..10 posts a month? Impressive, most impressive. I strive for 2 posts a week (about 8 posts a month) and that was going great until I started my own business almost a year ago. Now I'm lucky if I get one in a week. Last week I didn't get any in at all and I have one sitting there half finished. UGH. I love my Star Wars blog a lot, but it's frustrating when I can't post at the rate I'd like to.

    1. well I can get away with some quick posts that are just a picture and a few sentences, especially if it's of the kids. your blog is more focused with nearly every post needing to tie back to Star Wars.

      i did miss you last week...i'm gonna try and get something written up about that magazine I found and maybe you can use it next time you are pressed for time.


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