Saturday, March 7, 2015

Workplace Reivews are just a zero sum game

so we got our annual mid-terms the other day and I thought about my reviews throughout the years in post-college job as a Paralegal Assistant at Big_Bucks Law Firm 1.0, we had two evaluations per year.  One was a here's how you are doing and the other was For the Money
Corporate America.  At my first

IIRC, the review form was essentially two pages.  Page one was some arbitrary generic questions designed to capture the skillset of multiple positions.  The second page essentially had two questions:

  1. What does so and so do well
  2. What does so and so need improvement on

You can probably guess that most reviewers had more to say for question #2  (the order might even have been reversed).  People tend to try and find something to fill that in because they want to do you a favor and help you improve.  But say something good about you?  well we don't want to lavish the praise for doing your job.

The other flaw as at this job (a law firm) if you screw up big, you're gonna hear about it at run time, not six months later.  So anything that didn't make it to you that way and you didn't hear about until your review there wasn't much you could really do 6 months after the fact.

My first job after G-school was the No-Name Software Company.  My team lead flat out told me that he has to justify a rating above or below a 3 so he is giving me a 3 on everything to avoid paperwork since this one isn't for money.

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