Monday, March 2, 2015

Starting the week off on the wrong foot

I have 7 more training runs until my half marathon.  Unfortunately, that includes a 6 miler from this

Ironically, when I was single, it was hard to get the weekly mileage in but I had no issues with making time for the weekend LR.  It's the opposite now.

Because we get up so early with the kids now, by the time my mom came over around 3:30 pm Sunday, I didn't have much energy to throw on running clothes and get a six miler in even though the conditions were about as good as they can considering the weather we've had this Feb.  I really should have sucked it up and gone for the run but I also know that I wasn't feeling it and there is little point in doing a sucky run.

However with my race coming up in less than two weeks, I need to get these last couple of LRs in so I have to do something I loathe doing: make up a run.   I was going to try and do the six on the treadmill this morning but unfortunately i had to get up around 3 because both babies were up and my mom needed a hand. 

Looking ahead weather wise, it will be another schizophrenic week with warm snow days then cold freezing days. 
weekend which I did not have time for because of Moose and Squirrel.  My mom didn't come over this weekend until Sunday afternoon which meant I couldn't really leave Nightingale with the kids for an hour.

             Mon    Tues    Wed    Thur    Fri    Sat    Sun
Temp    34        41        19        18       36    41    37
Miles                 2                       5         2            8

So I have a couple of options on how i "make up" the missed LR and also get in this weeks miles while also allowing my rickedy old knees some rest.  The best option is to simply get the six miles in today and then continue on with this week's schedule as if I never missed the run in the first place.

Another option would be to swap Tues 2 mile with the six and then continue with the rest of the schedule, maybe making Friday's 2mil run a 4 miler just to make it worth putting on running clothes.

From past experience i know the best thing to do is get the missed 6 miler completed as soon as possible.  The rest is achievable during lunch treadmill sessions at the office gym or even at theory anyway.

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