Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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A New Plan: So since we started daycare, my wallet has been on financial lockdown because I have to come up with money for our mortgage and one kid's daycare cost.  This is actually a good thing because it has forced me to really watch my spending and cutback on frivolous items.  After all, it's hard to buy something with disposable income when you have no disposable income.

The good news is that I am ~$2000 away from being credit card debt free.  After the flood, my credit cards got a high balance because I had to absorb the cost of repair to the sump pump and I was already carrying a rare (for me) $3K balance from some purchases that I would normally have spaced out (ie pay one off than add the next).  I should have gone on tighter lockdown even then but I didn't because I didn't have to.

And technically I paid off the flood expense a long time ago but other expenses came in so it was really paying Paul by robbing Peter  and beating the crap out of Thomas.

I'm working on a plan to achieve a few things.  Short term goals so Scott Adam's will approve or at least not criticize.

  • Look into paying my mortgage via paypal/credit card so that I can get rewards points for that fucker.
  • buy one new piece of business dress ware each month (daddy needs new suit pants)
  • start accumulating gift cards, ShopYourWay points and other monetary resources (coins in the couch cushions) for purchase of the new Washer/Dryer we will inevitably need sooner or later. 

I'm doing laundry almost every other day and the old machines Murphy left behind are not going to hold up forever.  

This may come back to bite me in the butt:  right now I'm debating whether to buy some Proslat wall panels that WOOT is running on sale.  I cannot afford to buy the entire supply I need for the garage but I could get one section as a proof of concept.  I'm leaning toward no because I am so close to having my credit cards paid off and buying these now would delay that plan.  If only these were posted after the close date of my credit card. 

Woot is offering Proslat 33009 Ultimate Garage Bundle for $249 (plus $5 s+H) in white or $297 for grey.  I'd need 2 so the tax comes out to and $31.56 for the white.  Lt Grey would be good too but Charcoal is too dark for what I'm trying to accomplish and you can always paint PVC if you choose.

In the Bundle:

    (2) 8'x4' wall panels ready to assemble
    (12) 4-inch hooks
    (2) Double 8-inch hooks
    (2) Double 4-inch hooks
    (2) Super-duty hooks
    (2) Heavy-duty U hooks
    (3) 12-inch x 24-inch metal shelf
    (2) 12-inch x 8-inch metal baskets

I'm torn because this is a better deal than Proslat, Home Depot or Overstock ever have, especially since it comes with hooks, shelves and baskets. 

Update:  I opted not to purchase at this time. I will grab them the next time the sale cycles around.

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