Thursday, March 19, 2015

To live and die in Chicago

Nightingale's sister moved back to Michigan a couple years ago and the running joke has been "when are you going to follow suit."

I've lived in Chicago -- the city proper -- essentially all my life.  There were a couple years in Missouri in college and less than a year in Berwyn but otherwise, city living is all I've ever known.  I always figured I would live in the city for the majority of my life until it was time to move to a ranch on Mars or some other colony world.
Photo Credit: Bill Underwood

What has changed.  Well my social life is vastly different now than it was BM (before marriage).   I don't meet a friend for a beer after work, nor do engage in any of the social groups I use to do when I was single.  And I'm not training for a marathon or even part of a casual running group so I don't even have that social connection anymore.

And that's perfectly fine.  with kids to take care of, I really wouldn't have the time to do those things properly anyway.  So now would be the perfect time to relocate to Michigan or some other place where the cost of living is lower and the quality of life is higher.  I wouldn't be giving up my social life because I don't have a busy social life anymore.

While I love our 102 year old house, it does leave a few things to be desired.  The basement is too cold to use in the winter and the bedrooms are a tad too small.  The Kitchen is laid out weird and also lacks proper insulation.  The bathrooms are functional and pretty but not large enough for our needs.  I would prefer a better layout over all.

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