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It occurs to me that this blog does not have an About page so I thought I would take a stab and firing off a quick one.  I started Mysteries of Life 1.0 on a platform called Vox in 2006, not to be confused with Vox.com  a general interest news site that explains the news.  I don't know if there is any connection between the two domains.

Vox Blogging Platform "was an Internet blogging service run by Six Apart, which ran from October 26, 2006 to September 30, 2010. Before launching, it had the codename "Project Comet". Wikipedia 

Web Logs or blogs had been around for a long enough time that this wasn't anything new.  I won't link to the old posts but I can tell you that they are more personal online journal than what I tried to do with my later blogging.  Uploading pictures was still more work than it is today so it is no surprise that those posts are more word heavy (and the pictures have long since disappeared).

When Vox folded in 2010 I had to decide if I wanted to keep this blog on the Typepad account it got transferred to or create a new one on a different platform.  Since Blogger was beginning to get tied to Google it seemed to make sense to migrate there.  Perhaps that wasn't the wisest choice.  In any event, what's done is done and this would technically be Mysteries of Life 2.0.

Meanwhile, in 2012 I started blogging about our house hunting on ChicagoNow.  After we found our house, my editor suggested that we rename the blog to something else and he suggested Mysteries of Life, knowing that was the name of my private blog.  Changing the name is easy, changing the URL not so much.  So that would technically be Mysteries of Life 3.0 although no one really refers to it that way.

The blog name comes from the band Mysteries of Life.  They had a one hit wonder called Going Through the Motions which describes aptly how I sometimes use to feel going through life, trying to figure out all the mysteries.

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