Friday, April 16, 2010

Putty versus Filler

This is a strange topic to write about but I figured I'd see how this site works with pictures since the private site is very kluggie. 

A long time ago, the KrazyGuatemalan put a hole in my door frame because he was struggling with the screen door.  I didn't actually see him do this but So Suede often brings up the story and KrazyGuat doesn't deny it.  He does contend that too much time has lapsed for him to take responsibility for fixing it.

I've let it go undone for years figuring I would get it fixed when the time came to sell my place. Well that time has come.  I could simply give a potential buyer money to fix it themselves, but the inner handy man in me wanted to take a stab at fixing it.

A couple years ago when I had a Polish handyman working on my broken floor boards, I asked what would be involved with fixing the frame.  He said that it would take the same amount of time and money to simply replace the frame.  However, he wasn't really interested in taking my money and doing it.

Flash forward to the present and I asked my Polish Painter, who also is a contractor, how to fix it.  Again, he wasn't interested in adding it to the painting project and taking more of my money but he did give me some instructions so I took a stab at it myself.

First I had to clear the debris and trim away enough of the frame so that I could wedge a piece of wood into the hole. 

Next I applied generous amounts of Wood Filer over the wedge and broken frame. 

Once it dried I sanded and then applied a second layer of Wood Putty.
Wood Putty is different from Wood Filler in that it's more liquidy.  As I understand it, you use one or the other, seldom both.  Personally, I like the Wood Filler better but in this case it worked out to use one and then the other like I did.

Once the putty dried, I sanded again and then painted.  Now it just looks like a door with some normal wear and tear and a fresh coat of white paint.  Total cost: my time and $5 for wood putty.

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