Friday, July 30, 2010

Not writing any checks I cannot cash

So today I finally remembered to write a check, yes a real check, to my condo association. I write so few checks these days because just about everything is done electronically. I pay my bills online. My mortgage is deducted from my bank account -- Ironically, the same bank that holds my mortgage and one credit card. Sidenote: it's interesting that it pays my mortgage early, but doesn't deduct my credit card payment until the virtual last minute.

I write so few checks that I'm actually still using checks with the name of my bank at least two mergers ago.   Looking through my checkbook ledger -- which I use to keep track of my checks but don't bother balancing my checkbook -- I see that I've written about 10 checks in the last year.  Not counting the condo association which comes from a separate checking account.

There's the two to the respective tyrants government entities for my license plate and city sticker.  Then there are a couple of checks to our yoga instructor because she will no longer work for perogis.  There's a random check to a friend for event tickets, or the foot doctor who was born before the invention of bread and doesn't take credit cards.  Finally there are the ones to my insurance company because they don't have an easy pay by credit card method -- I have to call them on the telephone and TALK to someone to give them my cc info and I would rather be forced to watch Jersey Girls in 3-D.

I have a feeling my checks are gonna last me a very long time.  Which brings to mind this question: those businesses that make those custom checks -- how are they doing these days?

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