Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh submarine shop, you're my Hero

During the marathon training summers of 2003-2005, SHB and I use to carpool to the downtown CARA site.  We'd do our miles and then head to the Corner Robbery Bakery for breakfast.  Breakfast wasn't just about refueling, it was also about socializing with the other pace groups and catching up on gossip with our fellow runners.  Once the mileage got longer, we would end up not getting back north until closer to noon.

SHB lives at Irving Park Rd and Scheffield Ave.  For some reason, I couldn't just drop her at that corner and make it home in 10 minutes with a straight shot down Irving Park.  I had to make the turn and drop her off in front of her condo, 100 yards south of the intersection.  Basically, I was too much of a pussy to insist otherwise.  Fortunately, my pussyness afforded me the opportunity to head toward Addison and drive West to get home.  I would often stop at Hero's Submarine Sandwich Shop at 3600 N Western and get a couple of subs for my late lunch and early dinner before going out for the evening.

This tiny, cash-only corner sub shop across from Lane Tech High School specializes in fresh sandwiches made fast. Subway, this is not.  All sandwiches come with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and oregano.  I still make sure to say hold the mayo unless I'm getting the roast beef.

Hero's has been around for a long, long time. My Uncle "Animal" use to go to Lane and he introduced me to them.  I was supposed to actually go to Lane Tech for high school but a bitter douch bag 8th grade teacher decided to write an anti-recommendation in the section of the application reserved for Principal Comments and I suspect that placed me on the path to attend Von Steuben instead.  Although I did get to go there for a couple of summer school sessions.

Reading through the Yelp reviews, it seems like the quality has gone down a little.  If so, that is too bad.  I suspect this shop, like so many other Chicago staples, will go away once the current owner decides it isn't lucrative to continue and/or doesn't have an heir to continue the family business.

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