Friday, April 20, 2012

Flashback Friday

My career path is loosely based on the product I supported when I worked at the No-Name Software Company. Like a lot of industries, it’s very incestrious and you see the same people over and over again. Only the job titles and paycheck providers have changed. My current role brought me to the No-Name Software's office building a couple Fridays ago.

It was a strange feeling to be a customer back in the building where I spent so many years as a support engineer. This is actually the second time that has happened since I left, only last time there were more people from the old crew to visit. I don't really know anyone there now.

It’s also a little sad because the No-Name Software Company was my first job after G-school.  I loved working there until some culture changes made it unpleasant.

You always hear about those lifers at IBM who retired with boatloads of stock and are set for life. That should have been me and some of my colleagues, had we not been forced out of there.  Essentially as the company got bigger and the workload increased faster than we could keep up with it.  That's what happens when only half the call takers take calls.  Those who were not part of Director Palpatine's hand-picked band of merry asskissers had to go.

Alas, career wise I've done better by Leaving the Island and seeing first hand how things works in the real world. 

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