Thursday, June 14, 2012

Haircut Hang Ups, Part 3

In my previous posts, I talked about how I evolved from dreading haircuts to going out of my way to get one from a stylist I really liked who gave a good cut. So much so that I was jumping through hoops to meet her schedule.

Seriously, one of you has to have something profound to say
After doing the first available route at Halo for a while, I did finally happen upon a stylist I liked. She was part Lithuanian, part Polish and all Chatty. She also went through the full arsenal of cliché’s like “it's too beautiful outside to be inside” to “Life is too short to worry about such and such.”

I figured since this was going to be a superficial relationship anyway, might as well go with the lady who I bonded with over ethnicity. So I started requesting her.

During one of my haircuts, Chatty Cathy told me about a customer appreciation night that Halo was having. She practically begged me to attend. I figured why not, some free drinks would be fun. Maybe even get past the superficial chit chat so that the next time I came in we could have more of a substantial conversation.

And it was fun, for about 5 minutes. The thing about a party hosted by superficial ladies, who could care if you die, is the fact that you only know your superficial stylist and the lady who schedules your appointment. Chatty Cathy was too busy chatting up one of the bar tenders to talk to me for more than 30 seconds.

After that, I went back to first available and she noticed when I was there. It didn't take her long to figure out that I wasn't choosing her when I called for my appointments.  She's chatty, not stupid.  She broke the stylist rule and actually talked to me even when someone else was cutting my hair.  So I eventually gave her another chance.

Unfortunately, I cannot get to the Halos nowadays because I work in the burbs. So I found this place near my office. In the suburbs, when someone says near my office, they mean 10 minutes or less driving. I get the same haircut without the extras. I also get the same awkward small talk conversation at half the price.

I go to a place called Exposed in Glen Ellyn. The ladies who cut my hair are more than half my age on average. It took a few tries, but I've found one who doesn't even bother with small talk. She just gets my hair cut in 15 minutes so she can have another smoke break. However, she does trim my eyebrows without me asking.

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