Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Post

Rock Star Parking for Taste of Polonia
Last year we went to Michigan to spend time with the little monkeys so this is our first Labor Day in the not-so-new house.

Irony Alert:  a three day weekend and at least three different friends wanted to get together and of course the window of opportunity was more or less the same slice of time.  It's always tricky getting my friends to cross pollinate.  At the same time, we had a lot to do on the weekend so I didn't want to overcommit the weekend.

First, Milkster is in town and wanted to get together.  Hanna also wanted to meet up with us.  Finally, Basia reached out to me to see if we were able to meet up for dessert since they* were taking KandJ to Smak-Tak so they were going to be in the area.  I told them about the tentative plans with Milkster and Hanna (though not in as much detail) and suggested meeting for dessert either here or nearby. 

So I suggested that Hanna meet us at Taste of Polonia since she was going to take the Blue Line to Jefferson Park anyway.  I wanted her to meet her doppelganger Milkster anyway.

Icarus and Milkster

House Tours:  Was able to get in an hour of Taste of Polonia on Saturday.  Met up with Milkster and her man and we caught up on things.  Hanna was running late as usual so to kill time, I brought Milkster and Dude** over to see our place and Nightingale.  They had a tight window as well so we really just came here, saw the house, then I had to drive them back to Jefferson Park Terminal and pick up Hanna.

Week 34:  Yesterday we just picked up a second crib so even if I don't finish assembling it (unlikely) we are much more ready than we were a week ago.  To be sure, we would have survived if we only had one crib because, contrary to everything you read in the internet, twins can sleep together in the same bed for a few weeks without major calamity.  In fact, some twins seem to prefer it and won't sleep otherwise.

The Bad News:  so there were no offers on the condo and we had to decline the first renter we were offered because he had poor credit and we have been burned by that before.

* and **  need some alias for Milkster's boyfriend and Basia's husband.

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