Monday, December 22, 2014

Another addition to the nursery

So this came in the mail the other day (sans the teddy bear).  Ironically we have our nursery set up in a similar manner as this ad.  Nightingale decided she needed something like this in the nursery.  We were using this over-sized chair we got from SIL but it was too big for the space and worked better in our living room, so we swapped with this smaller chair I picked up at a thrift store a lifetime ago.

I was able to get this relatively inexpensively at K-Mart/Sears and used my ShopYourWay rewards to chop off some extra dollars.  Final cost = $136.68.

I should have bought it as soon as I saw it on Brads Deals and would have saved more money but alas I had too much on my plate that particular day. 


  1. I love that chair! And $136 is a steal! How is everything with the twins and your life? I love that your still posting even if you might be exhausted.

    1. Thank you. Things are busy and exhausting as you might expect. And i suffer from Baby Brain: I forget rudimentary tasks that I want or need to complete or it takes all day to make the time to get something done.


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