Saturday, March 26, 2016

Step Two in the Laundry Room Upgrade

Last year I wrote about two projects I wanted to tackle.  I only got the garage done last year because of money and time and money.  Earlier this year I got rid of that large cumbersome file cabinet that we were under utilizing. 



The other day I hired a plumber to move that annoying pvc pipe and connect the sink (along with some other minor plumbing repairs.)  He also moved the washing machine for me so now the basement works better for me.



Now I just have to get a new washer and dryer once these two finally die out.   And the rest is mostly cosmetic.  I only bought $100 worth of that Protile to test it out (and all I could afford at the time) and it hasn't come back on Woot lately.  I can find it on Amazon but for 33% higher price I think I will wait.

I would like to improve the lighting in there and maybe build that LAN/Cable closet.  We'll see what the next three quarters of 2016 bring.

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